About Better Connected Beaconsfield

Who we are: We are a charity dedicated to improving wellbeing in our communities in Beaconsfield. We believe that connections matter; we exist to transform the way residents can connect with services in our town to enable them to thrive and have a better quality of life and therefore help tackle social isolation and lonelines.

Our journey started in 2018, where we were granted funding from the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum to do research looking at social isolation and loneliness and how we could reduce this in our area. A steering group was formed made up of Local Authority officers and Cllrs, local GPs, Church leaders and other community groups and health care professionals. This work resulted in a report titled Better Connected Beaconsfield which included 19 recommendations. To work towards delivering those recommendations our Charity was formed and was founded in October 2019.

Our aim: We have a bold vision for a more socially inclusive community, with more local neighbourly environments that support healthy and fulfilling lives regardless of someone’s circumstances or age.

Our Vision: We are all about

People – Places – Partnerships

• A network of PEOPLE who can support and connect with people to prevent isolation and help with general wellbeing

• Utilising existing PLACES and new places to meet

• Working in PARTNERSHIPS across the town – to collaborate and work with other agencies and groups with similar values.

Our Values:

Collaborative – Caring – Considerate

What we do:

Signposting –  website, facebook, enquiry line,print, word of mouth

Partnership working – stakeholder engagement with Not For Profits etc

Enabling – connecting people who need help with organisations who can provide that extra help, helping those in need get digitally connected, Covid support, Ukraine Support

Current Activities – Neighbourly help from the Buddy Network, Listening Ear, Tech Buddies and Tablets, Talking Café, Café Ukraine and Ukraine Support.

Who can benefit: Residents in the Beaconsfield area. Thereafter our focus is to assist people at most risk of social isolation or loneliness. This could be the elderly, young mums especially if living alone. But not limited to this example. 

We’d love to connect with you; have your say on what we should be doing at hello@betterconnectedbeaconsfield.org.uk


Rev Michael Johnson: Team Vicar, St Thomas’ Church, Holtspur. Safeguarding, Listening Ear Service & Ukraine Support Lead.

Paul Henry: Paul is a Beaconsfield Town Council elected member and served as Mayor in 1999-2000. Covid-19 Support Group Project Lead.

Key Team Leads

Judith Chapman: Buddy Network Lead