Tech Buddies

Tech Buddies & Tablets for those in need

Who can benefit

This service is for those people in need to connect electronically and are at risk of social isolation and loneliness in the Beaconsfield area, due to their personal circumstances. This service can be accessed via referral only.

What We Do

In May 2020, just after the start of lockdown, Better Connected Beaconsfield started a project to investigate whether there was a demand for devices that could be used to make people in Beaconsfield feel better connected with distant family and friends, as well as provide access to essential Internet based services. This became known as the ‘Tech Buddies’ project. The concept was simple, that Tech Buddies would loan, free of charge, “standardised” computer tablets loaded with email, messaging and video apps to help those who would benefit by being ‘better connected’ to other people.

This project is now running since October 2020.

How we do it

We utilise our tech buddy volunteers to deliver the service. Social support networks within Beaconsfield give us the names of people that can potentially benefit from being loaned a computer tablet. We refer to these as ‘beneficiaries’.

Our ‘beneficiaries’ are first contacted by telephone and a date agreed when two of our Tech Buddies visit the beneficiary, install the equipment (usually just the computer tablet itself and a docking station/battery charger), and briefly teach them how to use it, providing guidance and a daily training plan. The equipment is portable, light, a comfortable size and can be placed in any convenient position. After this, we provide remote support to answer questions and do any troubleshooting requiredTo date we have around a dozen delighted beneficiaries using the technology and run regular drop-in sessions at Beaconsfield library for beneficiaries every 1st Wednesday of the month for 1hr from 10am.

From 11-12noon, if previously booked by GPs or other trusted sources, we will give some guidance also on IT issues to other people to have a chat and guide people in a group session.

What we don’t do

Teach people how to use their own personal computer/IT device. We do not handle or operate their existing computer, personal data, fix general IT problems or visit their homes.

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