Buddy FAQs

We will add questions and answers for buddies here as they arise.

Frequently Asked Questions for Buddies

How does the Buddy Network work?

We have split all the roads in the town into 5 different areas, each of which has a number of dedicated Buddy Groups, each managed by a Buddy Co-ordinator. Each of the five areas – Holtspur, Hogback Wood, Penn Road, Old Town and Burkes Road – will be led by a team co-ordinator. Diagram of Buddy Network

What do Buddies do?

Our priority is giving support and guidance to the elderly, the vulnerable and those urgently in need. We will not enter people’s houses, but we can give friendly phone calls, we hope to help with accessing shopping, dog walking and any other local errands that can be conducted over the doorstep.
Buddies will help pass on issues or problems they cannot resolve to the organisation or agency that can offer support.

How do we keep Buddies safe, whilst helping the community?

Buddies will not enter people’s homes or cars and will keep at least 2 metres away from individuals, or as instructed by Government guidance.
We are working on a badge system and should have this in place soon.
We have set up a support network for all Buddies, allowing them to access information, support and guidance when required.