Our Activities

Our Activities

Better Connected Beaconsfield is a network of local volunteers from in and around Beaconsfield. Our Charity’s aim is to help tackle social isolation and loneliness and support your wellbeing, making it easier for you to stay healthy and live well.

Are you in need of local guidance or support?

Below is the current list of activities and support we provide:

Talking Cafe

Every Friday 9-11am at The Dove Cafe, Mayflower Way, Beaconsfield. To find out more click on icon here.

Tech Buddies

Tech Buddies and tablets for those in need. To find out more click on Buddy icon here.

Ukraine Support

To find out about our Ukraine Support and to register, click on the flag.

Neighbourly Help

We have a network of Beaconsfield volunteers known as Buddies – to provide support and help to those in need within our community. 

Buddies will be able to provide a number of services for those in need. We will prioritise those who are elderly, sick or vulnerable and unable to leave their homes or call on family and friends. If you would like support click on the neighbourly windows.

Listening Ear

Our Team offers a listening ear if you would benefit from that extra support. If you would like to talk, click on the sofa.

Listening Ear