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Coronavirus support in Beaconsfield

As the Coronavirus situation develops, our role at Better Connected Beaconsfield is to support our community where we can. We have coordinated a network of volunteers for Beaconsfield residents. More than 350 volunteers – known as  Buddies  – have offered their time to help those in need in our community over the coming weeks. Find out more on our Buddy Network page .

If you would like to download the leaflet we have produced for Beaconsfield residents please click here to print off your copy.

I need help

I need help

If you are isolated or sick and need help please contact us

I can help

I can help

If you can volunteer to help please register

Refer for help

Refer for help

If you have a relative or friend needing help please contact us

If you need to talk or would like to volunteer to talk, click on the link below

Please join us to help make a difference.

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Our aim

Our aim is to support a more socially included community, with more local neighbourly environments. Supporting healthy and fulfilling lives regardless of a person’s circumstances or age.