Deborah Sanders – Trustee

Deborah Sanders


Deborah has lived in Beaconsfield for over 40 years. During that time, she and her husband have brought up their 2 sons and now have 4 young grandchildren. 

Until recently she worked part time as a radiographer in a local hospital. She has always enjoyed getting involved in community life in Beaconsfield and has served as a town councillor and chair of the town Twinning committee. 

She has been a WI member for many years and 6 years ago has helped to form the Beaconsfield WI and is currently president. She has a membership of over 60 and enjoy campaigning for women’s issues both locally and nationally. The WI has a mandate to prevent loneliness and isolation in the community. 

She hopes that her knowledge of her local community and past clinical experience will be useful as we progress the aims of Better Connected Beaconsfield.

In her spare time she enjoys studying world textiles and creating her own textile work.