Buddy Network

Our role at Better Connected Beaconsfield to help support the community is more important than ever at this difficult time. This is why we are helping to coordinate a network of volunteers for Beaconsfield residents.  We now have hundreds of volunteers – known as  Buddies  and supported by  Co-ordinators  – to provide support and help to those in need within our community. 

Buddies will be able to provide a number of services for those in need. We will prioritise those who are elderly, sick or vulnerable and unable to leave their houses or call on family and friends. 

Support will not involve entering peoples’ houses, and might include light shopping for vital supplies, collecting prescriptions, friendly phone calls, and any other support that can be conducted at the doorstep. Better Connected Beaconsfield will work to connect people in need to one of our Buddies who lives nearby. 

We already have a network of more than 300 people who have volunteered to be Buddies or Co-ordinators.

The safety of all of those within our network is a top priority, which is why we will be providing advice and support to both our Buddies, and the residents they will be helping. 

Buddy area network


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